Please fill out the following questionnaire so that we can better understand what kind of Automated Gate System you are interested in. By answering these questions, we can provide you with a more accurate quote and can answer any questions that you may have. Thank you.

Zip Code*:
  1. What type of Automated Gate System are you interested in?
      Single Residential Pivot Gate   Dual Residential Pivot Gate
      Single Commercial Pivot Gate   Dual Commercial Pivot Gate
      Single Swing Gate   Dual Swing Gate
      Single Slide Gate   Dual Slide Gate
      Barrier Arm

  2. What type of power is available at the gate sight?
    115 VAC Power
    220 VAC Power
    No power available, Solar Option
    (not recommended for pivot gates)
    Single Phase
    Three Phase

  3. What type of gate panel are you interested in?
      Basic Rectangle   with spear points   without spear points
      Basic Arch
      Double "U"
      Stock Gate Panel
      I already have a panel and would like to use it (swing or slide only)
      Custom (Please describe)
      I would like a custom cut-out (Please describe)

  4. How long (in feet) is the gate opening?*:

  5. How tall (in feet) is the gate?*:

  6. What color would you like your gate system powder coated?
      Black   Gray
      Custom (Please describe)

  7. What access controls are you interested in?
    Entry Keypad
    Exit Keypad
    Keypad with an Intercom Option
    Keypad with a Telephone Entry Option
    Keypad with a "Gate Activity Tracking" Option
    "Garage Door Opener" type Transmitter
    Loop System
    "Free-Exit" Probe (This is a probe that is buried underground on the inside of your property, that automatically opens the gate as you drive over it.)

  8. Would you like Continental Gate Company to install your gate system for you?
  9. Where will the gate be installed?

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